How to Take Care of your Patio Furniture

Caring for patio furniture is important. When you take care of the furniture, it enhances its appearance, improves the value of the home, and provides long-lasting value to your pieces. If you do not care for your patio furniture in Atlanta, the result will be just the opposite. You might find the furniture is dirty, moldy, and unappealing. It may lose its sleekness and degrade the neighborhood. And it certainly will not last as long if it is in such a condition. Don’t worry about these risks and use the tips below to ensure proper patio care.

Caring for Wicker

Wicker is the most commonly chosen patio furniture material. It is designed to withstand weather impacts and nature elements, so caring for the furniture is much easier. Soap and water will generally clean dirt and debris off of your wicker. Make sure to thoroughly dry the furniture once it’s cleaned. It is ideal to use a furniture cover during the winter to protect it when not in use.

Teak Furniture Care

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Teak is strong and durable, so it won’t need a lot of your attention. The biggest disadvantage is that it can grow mold and mildew. Clean the future using vinegar and water with a rag so not to scratch the wood. If you want to retain the natural honey color of teak, use a wood oil once every three months to preserve the look.

How to Care for Metal Furniture

Use a garden hose to clean metal furniture. A damp rag can remove any stuck on dirt or grime. Clean metal furniture at least twice per year to prevent residue buildup that deplete the lifetime of the future.

Cushion Care 101

Clean cushions with a damp rag. Store the cushions inside during the winter or use a cover if keeping them outside. Removable covers are available and many people use them to prevent damage to the cushions.