Items Needed in Your Toddler’s Closet

What type of clothing should be in your toddler’s closet? If you are like most partners, the closet is filled with a large enough selection that this isn’t a concern. However, some people may want to ensure that they’re doing it right. And so the list below can help. Take a look at some of the items that should be a part of your toddlers close to ensure that he or she is ready to go whatever the occasion may be.


Every toddler needs a great pair of tennis shoes and dress shoes for play and for special events. Toddlers should have 2-3 pairs each of dress and casual shoes. For girls, it is the toddler mary janes that win over hearts of mom and daughter alike. Boys love to run around and play in a pair of quality sneakers.


When cool weather rolls around, keep your toddler bundled up in a warm, thick lined jacket. Tons of jacket choices make it easy to find exactly what your little one loves, whether it is a pattern or a cartoon character.

Sports Jersey

If you are a sports fan, make sure your toddler shares the love and purchase a jersey they can wear on game day and beyond. No matter what your team is or the age of your little one, there are jerseys to add to their collection to start their love of sports early. The pint-size jerseys are so cute you’ll love seeing your little one wearing it.

toddler mary janes

Great Clothing for Toddlers

There are tons of clothing items that every toddler needs to have in their closet. The items listed above are among the most important items that they should have. But, of course, there are tons of other clothing items that you’ll want. Start with the items above and you’ll love your child’s closet.