The History of the Teddy Bear

Everyone loves bears because despite how ferocious they can be in the wild, there is no mistaking their insane adorability! From mugs, lamps, and other black bear décor, none is more famous than the teddy bear.

The history of the now classic toy can be traced to a hunt by President Theodore Teddy Roosevelt, where a black bear was tied up and wounded by several hunters when the President was asked to shoot it.

black bear décor,

He refused and asked another hunter to put the creature out of its misery, and a political cartoon was born from the action. Then toy makers in both the U.S and Germany took inspiration from the depiction of the bear and created a cute and fluffy toy. The President endorsed these versions, and the adorable bears became hits.

As time went on, the bear’s designs changed to less resemble real bears and more into the cute teddies that we see today in pop culture. With their fur and hair turning into fabrics and synthetic fur, they’ve become partners with many children in many adventures. Especially with chains like Build-A-Bear offering customization and various other clothes and accessories.

The bears can be made by amateur toymakers due to their ease of creation, they are sold commercially, and some are even kept as antiques. They’ve also become very popular in the media, with various TV shows focusing on the bears and their adventures. Teddy bears calm people down, can be someone to hug and talk too, and will always be a great friend in a time of need.

Without the teddy bears, the entire stuffed animal industry might not have taken off, and that would be a shame! It’s hard to believe that the bear’s creation was spawned indirectly from one man and his compassionate action, but because of them, we have adorable stuffed bears in the world. So thank you, Mr. Roosevelt!